Message from writer/director Diane Jessie Miller

This project is my first feature film as writer and director and, as you would expect, is very close to my heart.

My past experience is mainly in theatre, but since studying at the New York Film Academy, I have known that writing and creating film is what I wish to pursue. You can find out more about me here .

Never did I imagine that a project or idea like One by One would seek me out and go on to be such a major part of my life.

From conception (2009) to completion and securing a distribution deal (2015) it has taken over 5 years. It is a labour of love.

One by One would not have come this far without all the wonderful people who have given their precious time and money to see this project through to fruition. So here’s a few of them:

Alan Hopkins

Jo Pace Emily Pace Kathy Plumridge

Norman McWilliam

Autumn Hogg

Lemuel Wilson

Jehan Wilson

Charlie Joyes

Rachel Lumley Freya Watson Brad Cronin
Alex Gregg Stephen Tranter Indigo Hogg Laura Sharp
Francesca Watson Richard Benn Tom Wiltshire Maria Blendea
Louise Hunter Helen Bellamy James Hudson

Candice Bellamy

Rebecca James

Kat Iles Aleris Libb Samantha Hunt
Donna Kellman Nancy Ghale Gabriela Knaperek Christine Butcher
Christian Buckland Ian Butcher Georgia Meck-Carter

Robin Shaw

Paul Morales

Rebekah Tyler-Harris Matthew Molyneux Abigail Reilly
Jessica Taylor April Saunders Maxi Mason Keith Durrant

Ash Jones

Stoltz Naomi Marvelly

Matthew Choules

Luke Munsch Robert Culligan Matt Bellamy

Rex Chancellor

Owen Porter

Kristi Thomas Nigel Cronin

Lydia James

Lisa Renals

Elliott Cronin Gregory ‘Wendell’ Forys

Mercedes James

Rebecca Moir

Juliet Moir James Sherwill Ian James
Nino Saa Adrian Moir Abigail Pilbrow

Rebecca Munday

Gemma Swaisland

Pip Ault Liane Hempsall

David Goddard

Steve Radnor

Lesley Cronin Marc Box

Amelia Haddad

Neville DuThoit

Michelle Hall Robbie Bellamy

Tom Mcwilliam

Sophie Brigden

Ryan Hawkins Diane Hogg

James Harris

Connie O’Neill Leigh Martin