There are a few very special people that need to be mentioned;

These are the OBO Geniuses. This project literally would not exist without them.

Co-Producer and First Assistant Director Ash Parkeror OBO’s GodWithout Ash Parker this film would have stayed a pipe dream. If Diane Jessie Miller is the ‘heart’ behind this project, then Ash Parker is the ‘soul’… He will forever be know as OBO’s God.

Check out his company and website

Director of Photography and Editor Nicholas Peelor OBO’s Guru! There is not a single question Nick could not answer about One by One. Nick is one of the most talented and up and coming DP’s you will find.

Singer/Songwriter, Nathan Ballor OBO’s Muse! Without Nathan and his incredible musicality we doubt One by One would exist. His song ‘Stand Up’ was the water that grew the seed of an idea Diane Jessie Miller had. Nathan has supported this project wholeheartedly and ‘Stand Up’ is the musical theme that runs throughout the film. He also wrote the beautiful and haunting song ‘Lily’s Lullaby’ especially for the film. And he hand makes guitars! Genius… Check him out