By the people

This film is ‘for the people, by the people’ and as the plot line suggests, offers ideas and calls into question our very existence.

It’s time to #QuestionEverything

A unique project

One by One is a very unique project. Every single person involved in the making of this film did so because they wanted to be part of something special and different.

This meant that most of the cast and crew have worked tirelessly for free to get this film made. What you’ll see on the screen has been made on pure determination, passion and complete commitment.


Get Involved

What also makes this project very special is that we encouraged (at times begged and pleaded) anyone and everyone to ‘Get Involved’.

This ethos and crowdfunding campaigns meant One by One has raised its entire budget of £25,000 through donations or private investment by friends, family and people who love film.

Thank you to all of you involved in this project.